No more waiting at home
Never be trapped at home waiting for a parcel to arrive again.

Never go to a parcel depot
Parcels are delivered and collected reliably meaning no more time consuming trips to parcel depots.

Gain control of your deliveries
Get alerts the moment parcels are delivered.

The confidence to order online
Receiving parcels becomes so easy that you quickly start ordering more online, saving you time and money.

How the TickTock Box works

The TickTock Box is a secure, internet connected cupboard that sits outside your front door, waiting for parcels to arrive.

When the delivery arrives, the cupboard is unlocked and the parcel left inside, where it sits safely until you come home. You'll even receive a message, instantly telling you that the parcel has just arrived.

Only you and the delivery driver of the parcel that you are expecting have access to the cupboard, and once the parcel has been delivered, the driver no longer has access.

TickTock works with any online store, so you don't need to change your shopping habits.

Keep in touch

The TickTock Box isn't available for purchase yet. We're testing, tweaking and optimising it to make it truly great before launch.

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